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Innovative ideas, combined with proven products, to create solutions for today’s maintenance challenges.

Thank you for choosing TEC-Chem as your supplier of Facility Maintenance Solutions. Our goal is to provide the highest quality chemical solutions with an emphasis on user safety and regulatory compliance. Each solution has been carefully formulated and thoroughly tested to ensure consistency and quality.


Top Quality, High Standards

Ingredient Standards: Every ingredient selected and used in the formulating process are thoroughly examined and tested before it enters the manufacturing process.

Batch Standards: Each batch of finished solution is cataloged, tested and a sample held for not less then 6-months to ensure product efficacy and stability

Finished Product Standards: Each case and/or bulk container of finished solution is given and identification code, displaying the manufacturing date. This process allows our Technical Team to quickly track and evaluate every ingredient used in that specific solution.


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  • Cleaning Products Quick Reference

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